Whitley Bay

15th – 16th June 2019
10am – 5pm

Spanish City Plaza, Whitley Bay

Spanish city Plaza

Some info on the newly restored landmark

It all started in Birkenhead . . .
When William Simcocks left the town with his family and settled on the Isle of Man in about 1900. He took over the running of a couple of the Prospect and Glen Helen hotels but his heart was in the land of theatre and entertainment. At the Glen Helen he opened up a small pleasure garden to cater for visitors; by 1902 he was manager of the Grand and Empire theatres and had decided to use his two middle names – Charles Elderton.

Elderton assembled a travelling troupe of entertainers and called them The Toreadors. They toured the Isle of Man, appearing under makeshift tents on seafronts. Outwardly, things seemed to be going well for Elderton, who had decided to present programmes of theatre shows during the winter months when most theatres closed. It didn’t work and in 1906 he was declared bankrupt. His Isle of Man career was over.

But . . . he had somehow managed to take ownership of the Theatre Royal in Hebburn-on-Tyne, now on South Tyneside. He had made contact with the manager of the Ellison House Hotel next door to the theatre. Henry Fail and Elderton were freemasons and had spotted a business opportunity across the River Tyne in Whitley, a large village with a growing tourist industry. Elderton, whose original Toreadors were still enjoying popularity on the Isle of Man, created a North East Toreadors group to perform in the area of Whitley Park. Appearing under makeshift awnings and temporary stages in a fenced area which they decided to paint with Spanish street scenes, the area became known as the Spanish City.

In 1908 the Spanish City, which had grown substantially over the previous two years, was officially opened. A simple three-arched entrance had been built facing the seafront and the area was now completely enclosed within a boundary. In 1909, large rides appeared, including a Figure 8 rollercoaster and a Water Chute. Elderton and Fail wanted to make a statement and create a new, grand entrance to the fairground. They hired the Newcastle architects Cackett& Burns Dick to survey the site and begin drawing up plans for new Pleasure Buildings. In December 1909 readers of the Whitley Seaside Chronicle and Visitors’ Gazette viewed an architect’s vision of the Dome.

The Whitley Pleasure Gardens Co. had pencilled in a May 1910 opening, only four months away! Building began in February 1910 and the construction was completed by builders Davidson and Miller 60 days later. The use of the revolutionary reinforced concrete technique pioneered by Francois Hennebique was perfect for the job, being cheap and fast. The Dome and surrounding buildings – a theatre and two wings of shop units – opened on 14 May 1910 to great fanfare. Visitors marvelled at the great Spanish City Dome, the second largest in the country at the time after St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, which provided a spectacular meeting place with uninterrupted views from ground level to its ceiling, 75 feet above. Thousands of visitors walked through the new entrance hall before entering the theatre or the fairground.

Telegraph-wire cyclists, acrobatic comedians, singing jockeys, mermaids, they all appeared at the Spanish City during its first decade. One of the wings hosted the menagerie, where visitors could see hyenas, antelopes and tigers! This was converted into the Picture House cinema in 1916.

During the First World War, the theatre was occupied by the military who left it in a bad state when hostilities ended in 1918. The management seized the opportunity to maximise its’ money-making potential by renovating it and converting it to a ballroom in 1920. At the same time, Burns Dick’s open and spacious Dome was drastically modified when a floor was added to cater for smaller dance events, completely destroying the view up to the Dome.

Between 1920 and 1940, ballroom dancing events in the Empress became all the rage, with the space becoming one of the major dance venues in the country. Music was provided by the Atkinson brothers – Harry and Jos. Q – and their bands. Future Frank Sinatra arranger Billy Ternent was a regular at the Empress, and the BBC broadcast regularly from the hall. The Dome became known as the ‘small hall’ and was used by dance clubs and for whist drives and talks.

What could be done with this gleaming white beacon on the North East coast when the Second World War broke out? Its potential as a wayfinding landmark for enemy bombers was obvious, so in 1939 the Dome was camouflaged with paint and netting. The fairground closed and a large gate at the bottom of Watts Slope, which was closed off in the early evening, was the only way onto the available patch of beach for any visitors. Soldiers were once again billeted in the Dome, which escaped a bombing raid on Whitley when nearby Marine View and parts of Mason and Charles Avenue were destroyed.

Whitley Council wasted no time in bringing the town back to life after the War, but the Dome remained grey until about 1949. Even when it was repainted, the original whiteness could not be achieved! The fairground was brought back to life, with longstanding Spanish City patron John Hoadley returning to Whitley Bay, initially as a tenant, and introducing many new rides. In 1950 he introduced the Whitley Bay Illuminations, with the Dome festooned in glorious lights which snaked along the Promenade towards Cullercoats.

The Pleasure Gardens Co. decided to convert the ballroom yet again, and in 1961 it became a bingo hall. Where once there was theatre and classy dancing, there was now a highly lucrative bingo business. Even a fire caused by a lightning strike in 1967 could not hold the Spanish City back.

Although the company was very successful, there appears to have been a lack of investment in the Dome, which was beginning to show signs of deterioration. In 1972, the cupolas beneath the famous Dancing Girls were deemed to be unsafe and were removed, disrupting the balance that Burns Dick had created between the major Dome and its two lesser counterparts. Inside the Dome, the Penthouse Bar and then the Starlight Rooms opened, where Geordie entertainers performed for punters. Shockingly, a suspended roof was installed in the Dome which completely hid the structure. Hoadley claimed this had been done to protect punters from falling plasterwork!

Takeovers, counter-takeovers and uncertainty characterise the 1980s Spanish City. Not even the arrival of Claude Cooper’s Corkscrew was enough to rescue the site. The Coopers, the Granada Group, Whitegate Leisure, Northern Leisure, Dobson Family Leisure all promised major investment in the Spanish City. Plans for supermarkets and hotels came and went as locals attempted to protect and revive their beloved Pleasure Buildings and fairground. In 1999, locals Paul Montgomery and Paul Burrows attempted to bring music back to the Dome but in December 1999 the demolition of the fairground was announced. Carlton Bingo retained control of the old Empress. North Tyneside Council brought the Pleasure Buildings and looked for investors to develop the old fairground site. The only plan brought forward was for the construction of a new school.

Summer 2002 – the last tenant moves out of the Dome and all of the shop units are closed. Marine Park First School is built on the fairground site.

Summer 2018 – Following years of redevelopment work and a £10m investment, Spanish City reopens as a leisure venue complete with Fish & Chip restaurant and takeaway, waffle and pancake house, Champagne bar, fine-dining restaurant, traditional tearooms and an event space.

This information is taken from Mick Sharp’s ‘The Dome of Memories’

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  • Smokey Joe’s Traditional German Sausage

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  • Smokin Barbecue Co

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    We are an Independent Artisan Bakery, we believe quality and freshness are most important. Therefore baking takes place all day and night to offer you the best products. Items are made individually and by hand.

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  • The Green Guerrilla

     The Green Guerrilla is a vegetarian (mainly vegan) street food and bakery business, jointly owned by the father and son team of Mike and Will Barker. The Guerrilla is based in Darlington, and trades at...

  • The Little Fishy

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  • The Olive tree

    When it comes to Mediterranean products olive tree is the place. Quality matters. We deliver the highest premium produce with the most delicious taste!

  • The Original Chocolate Dream

    Fudge , Fudge and more fudge More flavours than winks

  • The Sauce queen

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  • The Sghetti Monster

    The Sghetti Monster is a mobile food trailer based in the North East of England, here to sling some fresh, delicious pasta into your mush. We give pasta the attention it deserves and strip it...

  • Tokyo Kitchen

    Tokyo Kitchen is a pop up Japanese restaurant which offers honest Japanese food. All of our dishes are made fresh and best described as Japanese comfort food.

  • Tynemouth Coffee

    Tynemouth Coffee Company Artisan Roastery & Coffee Cart. We specialise in providing a bespoke coffee service at festivals and events throughout the UK.

  • United Sweets of America

    We are a premium American confectionery and beverage company specialising in the sale of your favourite American treats.

  • Weardale Cheese

    From his artisan dairy in an old POW camp, Simon Raine produces delicious white, blue and smoked cheeses; Weardale, Prince Bishop, St. Cuthbert, Bonny Moor Hen and Brie de Weardale!

  • Wiga Wagaa

    Wiga Wagaa Chillies gives your food a kick. Tasty - but be careful how you use it!

  • Zapatista Burrito Bar

    Mighty burritos to tingle your taste buds with fillings such as spicy shredded beef, char grilled chicken, sweet shredded pork, smokey chorizo and vegetarian chilli. Grab a Fistful of Mexican Flavours!

  • Beth Macari

    We are delighted that Beth Macari will be joining us for 2019
    Geordie pop soulstress Beth Macari signs deal with Humble Angel Records. New single “Stronger” coming out on Friday 29th March
    Following the success of Beth’s previous singles “Clone” and “Boy”, which received international airplay and were championed across the BBC including exclusive premieres on BBC Radio 2 and
    appearances on BBC Radio London with Gaby Roslin who also chose “Boy” as her track of the week.
    Beth has kicked off 2019 by signing a deal with independent label “Humble Angel Records”, founded by former Warner Music Group executive Keiron Donoghue. Beth’s first release on the label will be her female empowering call to arms, “Stronger”, dropping on Friday 29th March 2019.
    Beth was selected by BBC Introducing to perform at their “New Year, New Artist” showcase at the iconic Sage, Gateshead in January, which was also aired on Tom Robinson’s show on BBC 6 Music. She followed this with a short tour supporting Davina Michelle and was invited back to SoFar
    Sounds Liverpool for their “Best Of” show following her first appearance there in 2018.
    Having done support slots for some of the biggest up and coming names in the music industry,
    Beth Macari got her own time in the spotlight whilst fronting the live house band on Sky One celebrity panel show ‘Bring the Noise’. In this time she sang alongside legends Nicole Scherzinger,
    Tinie Tempah and Mel C regularly.
    Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Beth has always had a gift for music. Beth spent two years touring with singer, actor, broadcaster and legend Jane McDonald. Jane was so impressed that she
    brought Beth back to sing with her on her last ever appearance on Loose Women.
    Beth has featured in a short film with Adam Garcia of Coyote Ugly fame and has recently acted alongside Mackenzie Crook, Johnny Vegas and a whole cohort of well known actors in a short film set to be released on Netflix later on in the year. Once again proving that Beth Macari has many a
    string to her bow.
    With lots of new music in the pipeline, with festival appearances and touring, 2019 is set to be a big year for this Northern pop starlet.
    Stronger is out on 29th March 2019.

  • Salida

    Salida – Chilled out acoustic Latin, samba, reggae – an eclectic mixture really. The band have been together for over 6 years performing covers ranging from Manu Chau to Bob Marley, sung in English, Spanish & Portugese. Classic tunes with a Salida twist.
    Band – vocals Davy Allan, guitar Tom (Capo ) Ross, percussion Powerhouse Miguel Gomez and Matthew Ross. Currently writing their own songs, a recently recorded CD is now on sale.
    A unique latin style vibe.

  • Eliza

    Soul siren Eliza Lawson is a singer of the finest pedigree, brought up on the blues, raised on rock and fed on funk, she now sounds more Motown than Monkseaton. She’s joined by guitarist Nick Pride, a composer and songwriter who tours the UK and Europe with his funky soul band The Pimptones. They bring an acoustic set of soul, blues, jazz and grooves to capture your heart!

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